Timekeeping for Healthcare

Ranked #1 for Healthcare

JBDev was developed in healthcare for healthcare around the needs of the nursing staff. It specifically addresses the challenges of the floating nurse, the charge nurse, and other complex staff roles. Varying shifts, different workdays, special bonuses and the other unique challenges of healthcare are the reason JBDev is ranked #1 in timekeeping for healthcare.


  • Credential Tracking
  • California AB-60 compliant
  • Multiple meal-break policies
  • Accurate labor costs
  • Mobile Clocking

  • Self-Scheduling
  • FMLA Analytics
  • Team-wide communication
  • Adjustable rules engine
  • Offline mobile clocking

  • Daily Timeclock Attestation
  • Payroll Based Journal
  • Floating Departments
  • Audit ready

Clock-in from 15-inch touch terminal
Read messages from Supervisor
Review time card from anywhere
Trade shifts with self-scheduling
Receive notification of open shifts
Review time cards in seconds
Flexible pay rules
Easily identify weekly totals
Visual triggers for better management
Create a rotating schedule in minutes
Manage employee's shift swaps
Ensure that every shift is staffed using a pre-determined variance


JBDev has the #1 ranked Time and Attendance system which integrates with all other JBDev products. JBDev focuses on specific challenges to give clients a solution that other industries may not encounter and other vendors may not handle. The main thing that separates JBDev from the rest is the exceptional support; when you call us we answer the phone. JBDev is the timekeeping for healthcare solution.


Cost Control
Workforce Analytics
Daily Attestation
Job Costing
Mobile Clocking
24/7 Customer Support
Manager Oversight

Allow employees to move through multiple departments throughout the day as needed while keeping an accurately recording of the time spent in each department

Integrate all of your timekeeping and scheduling analytics for an easy report view of what’s going on in your organization

Whether it is daily labor reports or integrating with our scheduling product to determine projected cost forecasts, clients have the ability to generate reports to get the answers they want

Offline clocking allows your employees to clock in offsite locations with no internet or cell service using their handheld mobile devices

State specific compliance to minimize risk and complete audit reports in seconds

If you like one of your existing products, keep it. JBDev will integrate with any system you are currently using.

Sometimes tracking down employees can be tricky but our clients utilize our communication tools to make sure their employees are getting their communications when they need them

Audits are stressful enough, we’ve designed JBDev to be the easy part in the audit process by allowing you to gather all of the information you need in seconds.

While paper printing is always an option, everything JBDev can be done without using a single sheet of paper


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