Employees can view and mange their timecard information with the ease of our touchscreen timeclock. Whether they are requesting time off, fixing mistakes, viewing their timecard for accuracy, or reviewing totals, employees are empowered to do it all themselves which reduces managerial and payroll workloads.


Reduce the time spent scheduling from hours to minutes. JBDev Scheduling provides employees a way to control their own schedule while simultaneously giving the manager’s the ability to do what they are supposed to, manage. JBDev also offers a robust scheduling product independent of the self-scheduling model.

Human Resource Management

Keeping track of employees can be time consuming, especially when navigating between multiple systems. JBDev encompasses the all-in-one model where you can house all of your employee information within the same system lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

Employee Purchases

Allow employees to make purchases from the gift shop, cafeteria, or other onsite vendor, and deduct those purchases straight from their paycheck. This gives your employees the benefit of ease while giving you the benefit of increased in-house sales.

Badge Making

If you decide to redesign your badge for our system or for another system you are using, look no further. JBDev includes badge making software giving you the ability to design, encode, and print new badges without purchasing any new software. 

Access Control

Designed to allow authorized associates access to secure areas. Permissions are quickly assigned for certain parameters and monitoring access is easy. There is no need to go get another system because this is included in every JBDev package.