Why You Need A Timekeeping System Specific To Your Industry

We encounter it time and time again, “They sales guy said the system would do this…but it can’t.” It may not be that the sales rep is being dishonest, it is more than likely that they do not understand your industry.

A common complaint we hear revolves around shift differentials. Most companies state that they can calculate shift differentials, and some actually do a basic weekend or evening calculation. But what about a shift differential that only applies when the majority of hours are worked within the differential period? Or what about a differential that only applies after four hours have been worked within the differential period? There are any number of endless conditions that affect differentials, callbacks, and other premium pays. This is why you need a system that is unique to your industry because they understand the complex and unique calculations that go on in YOUR industry.

JBDev does timekeeping systems for hospitals.