Minimizing Labor Risk: Grace Periods

Labor Laws increasingly become more and more strict over time. As with all workforce management vendors, JBDev ultimately decides to calculate time in the way the client chooses. But, aside from expertise in both federal and state specific labor law, how does JBDev mitigate risk?

We have a couple of solutions. First of all, JBDev never adjusts actual clocked time. For example, you may be familiar with the “7-minute grace period” where an employee can show up 7-minutes before their shift, and their clocked time will be rounded to the nearest hour. In some cases, employers and timekeeping vendors even let the employee show up 7-minutes late. This is inefficient, risky, and can be used to shield tardiness.  JBDev never does this.

We offer a collective grace period where an employer-specific grace period allotment is added on a per day basis. This means that it doesn’t matter how close to the hour that the employee clocks in, the only thing that matters is how much time they worked at the end of the day. If their total time is within the grace period allotment to the nearest hour, they will be paid that amount. All of this happens without changing timeclock punches, losing data, or allowing employees to take advantage of the system. Our clients receive all the benefits of efficiency while simultaneously mitigating the most common labor risks.