With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, JBDev knows that every hospital is different. JBDev Express has been developed with a flexible table-driven database, which has been proven to handle most policies and practices.
Express offers powerful, customizable reporting tools and is built to reflect hospital-specific needs and requirements. We also work hard to make sure that we can integrate with other applications to enhance your many needs. Whatever the demands of your organization, our expert development team will customize Express to deliver maximum effectiveness and impact. While supporting systems that already work, and replacing those that don’t, this high level of expertise and service can maximize your investment in JBDev.
ArrowEasy importing and exporting of data to HR or payroll, scheduling, and productivity databases
ArrowConsulting and insight into labor laws that may affect your hospital needs
ArrowA multitude of Express terminal options to fit your hospitals needs
ArrowPolicy review and integration Customized reports to fit your needs
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