Reduce costs and eliminate the hassle of multiple paper documents by using the Express System. Starting right at the clock, replacing paper messages with billboards. Instead of sending out paper surveys, have your employees respond at the terminal. Every time they clock in the survey will appear until they have answered it. View and export all timecards to payroll with out the use of paper. View and export reports without having to print a single document. Going paperless not only saves you money, but also protects the environment. Some of our larger hospitals have saved over 200,000 pieces of paper a year.
Some of our paperless features:
  • View and export reports with out having to print a single document
  • Managers can send messages to employees that appear at next clocking
  • Replace paper messages with billboards on the clock
  • Replace paper questionnaires with surveys on the clock
  • View and export timecards to payroll
  • Save money and eliminate paper waste
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