Maximize your investment with JBDev by utilizing our years of expertise. Our project management is directly available to you and provides an on-site project management team for your hospital staff to collaborate with. JBDev creates an environment for successful and on-time installation of the JBDev Express System. We ensure that each step of the project is planned from start to finish. From the moment the contracts are signed to the first paycheck, we are with you every step of the way. Project Management includes a review and comparison of your pay practices, we interface to your existing payroll systems, and offer on-going maintenance of the system.
JBDev helps you allocate your valuable resources. We ensure you stay on track and on time with the project. JBDev uses Basecamp ® for all of our project services. Basecamp ® is a novel approach to project collaboration, providing various tools tailored to improve communication between all parties.
ArrowDevelopment of implementation schedule which establishes deadlines, requirements, realistic expectations and achieves project goals
ArrowWeekly meetings regarding the project plan to create clear communication and reduce the chance for delayed implementation
ArrowEffective project finalization by assigning and managing resources according to the projects needs