It is extremely important that your hospital follows legal requirements regarding licenses. At JBDev we realize the need for license tracking and we have provided a solution. Every employee is tracked within our system. If they have an expired license they will be locked out of the system and will not be able to badge for work. Now you don’t have to worry if you have employees working without proper certifications. We take care of it for you.
Some of our license features:
  • Track multiple licenses and certifications
  • System notifies employees in advance of license expiration
  • System locks out employees when license is expired
  • Reports can be generated to track licenses
Do you have an announcement? What about a quick survey, or perhaps you need a legal attestation statement answered? We have a solution! Our system displays all of these options right on the clock. Before your employee clocks in or out they will be able to read your message, answer a survey, or agree to an attestation statement. Creating an electronic legal document that protects you and your employees.
Some of our billboard, survey, and attestation features:
  • Post pictures and announcements on every clock, keeping your hospital family connected and involved with billboards
  • Post a quick survey for every employee to answer
  • Post an attestation statement at the end of the day to ensure your employee is verifying their work history
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