The JBDev Express Terminal delivers an intuitive, user-friendly interface of simultaneous simplicity and power. Express is a touchscreen terminal, a networked kiosk proven to make the problems that appear in paper systems disappear, right along with the paper. With color-screen “activate and touch” technology, this unique system ensures all employee functions are efficiently performed. Computer accurate time card data appears on screen in real time for easy employee review and correction.
The JBDev Express Terminal is the perfect fit for your timekeeping needs and budget. With ever-changing application requirements and advances in development tools, you need a timekeeping solution encompassing simplicity, versatility and power. With Express, people are empowered, systems are streamlined and employees are paid accurately and within the law. It's a precise, cutting-edge timekeeping solution.
Some of our TouchScreen Terminal features:
  • Employees are empowered. They can request time off, fix errors, view their timecard and pay period totals right at the clock
  • An array of manager tools such as real time reports. Employee errors are solved easily and without the use of paper
  • Express offers data to help control costs and workforce information in real-time, with powerful, customizable, reporting tools that reflect hospital-specific pay policies and legal requirements
  • One-stop menus facilitate approval processes and workflow management
  • Customized options to record meals accurately according to your state law, and organization's policies. Express specializes in administering all aspects of AB-60
TouchScreen Terminal