It’s a revolutionary concept to place the responsibility for accurate timekeeping squarely in the capable and trustworthy hands of the employee. Exceptional user interface design makes Express efficient to learn, natural to use, and simple to control. Through on-site instruction and touch screen terminal tutorials, employees rapidly turn into empowered experts.
Employees prefer to view their own timecard giving them the opportunity to see that it is accurate and they are being paid correctly. Employees can fix mistakes, request vacation and sick time, view deductions, and much more. Empowering employees reduces managerial and payroll workloads, improving productivity.
Express offers a unique way to float within the hospital. Saving time and money employees can float to different departments with a single press of a button at the timeclock.
Some of our timekeeping features from the clock:
  • Employees can view their timecard 24/7 in real-time for multiple pay periods
  • Employees can request vacation, sick leave, education hours and more
  • Employees can fix mistakes on their timecard and can view manager approvals
  • Employees can clock for different types of work such as education, call back, or charge
  • Select FLOAT at the clock and float to your new department
Empowering Employees
Deduction Reader