Is it time to look at your hospital’s pay policies? Do you have questions regarding meal break laws and overtime policies? Don’t fret! Utilizing our years of experience, we analyze your current policies, compare them to your current practices and bring the differences to you. JBDev will ensure that both your practices and policies are in agreement with each other and provide consultation on implementation of new policies as well as changes in labor law.
Changes in the labor market and labor laws often require rapid changes to policies. We work with you to ensure your timekeeping solution is accurate and legal. JBDev includes consulting services when you have changes in your policies. Using our experience in the healthcare industry, we can keep you informed as to what is going on in the industry and how our other clients are handling similar challenges.
JBDev is also committed to consulting on areas of technical expertise. We work with you to provide full system integration services between existing systems and JBDev Express. We support your server operating systems and the JBDev Express terminals. We transfer old data into the new Express terminal electronically, saving you the trouble of re-entering data.
ArrowReview, re-engineer and configure pay policies and practices to create more efficiency
ArrowConsultation on implementation of new policies as well as changes in labor law
ArrowInsight into setup options that will take complete advantage of the system’s flexible module
ArrowProvide technical and best practices consulting throughout the implementation cycle
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