In 1977 Dennis Badzik, President and CEO of JB Developers (JBDev), saw a need. The Express System was created to automate a timekeeping solution for the healthcare industry. He sought a fresh approach, one that was built around the nursing staff that answered their special needs, one that empowered employees, eased paperwork for supervisors, and helped administrators make timely staffing decisions. Three decades later, JB Developers continues to evolve with the ever-changing demands of timekeeping. We now offer much more than just timekeeping. We have created a scheduling solution that simplifies the scheduling process and blends seamlessly with timekeeping. We also offer access control, ID badge designer, payroll deduction solutions, and innovative technology that continue to make your workday easier. At hospitals throughout the United States and in Canada our dream has taken shape. This groundbreaking timekeeping system reflects more than 30 years of experience. The express system streamlines processes, saves paper, money, and relieves many of the burdens of a busy staff.
JB Developers delivers persistent and responsive 24/7 product support to all of our clients. All clients are assigned a support representative that knows them and their policies. We are committed to ensuring that ALL of your employees and key personnel are trained. We offer on-site training for all of your employees and managers as well as in depth super-user training at our home office located in Northern California. We value all of our clients and look forward to bringing you into the next generation of timekeeping, scheduling, and employee data collection.
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